Mission Statement

Turning over a new leaf is a motivational website; with a selective list of attainable goals to spark a new you…’one thought, one action, one step, at a time!’ For years to follow, during your resolution of formulating new habits…

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Texas in my early twenties, with aspirations of becoming a motivational speaker.  Several decades passed without me fulfilling my dreams: to help others find "joy" in the world and in their life!

Today...I am a father of three, a step-father to others, a husband, and the son of two wonderful parents.

My life journeys have led me down a path of many challenges; including being a Heart Transplant recipient on February 26, 2016.  Not only am I a new person medically...I have 'Turned Over a New Leaf' and hope too inspire others to do the same.

-Gary Cooper
The Reincarnated Robot, AKA Tin Man.

This is my Heavenly Angel Matthew Johnson...

he shared his heart with me and I am forever grateful. Your son's heart lives on within me, Tina Johnson...I'll cherish this gift for a lifetime!